The Places That Mean Something {Project}

I have created a personal project.

While I love doing sessions for my clients, I decided I needed to do something for myself as well.  Even if it is every so often and never planned, I needed something to exist.  So I sat back and thought.  I wanted a project that meant something to me.  A project that would challenge me, entice me, and in the end: Make me happy. 

That is how The Places That Mean Something Project came to be.

What is it?  It is simple:

Places that mean something to me.  There are places, locations, spots in the road that define us all.  A house where a memory lies.  A road that we once crossed.  A tree that we climbed, fell out of, and climbed again.  I want to remember those places.  Nothing lasts.  A building is torn down.  A road is replaced.  A tree is chopped.  While our memories never change, the places do.  So while I have the chance, I want to document those places that truly mean something to me.

There is a story behind everything.  And I will share it with you.  Through these places.

Maybe you will learn something new about me.  Maybe you will just enjoy the photo then walk away.  But I know what this will mean to me.  And I am beyond excited to collect my memories, one place at a time.

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