Wednesday, April 11, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 11 | Something Blue

Something blue.

I sat back and looked around my apartment.  Sure, I have a ton of blue items.  Blue is one of my favorite colors, and it is everywhere.  But I didn't want to snap a photo of a cup or shirt and call it good.  As I have said time and again, I want the photo to mean something.

Then I spotted my son playing.  For his birthday, we gave him a bunch of small Mario figurines.  He loves them.  He carries them everywhere with him, plays with them, talks to them.  (Score with the awesome parent points for picking a gift he adores!)  After watching him for a moment, I decided to take some photos.

Mario has blue pants.
I kept the focus on that... then snapped away.

The final product I ended up with made me pretty happy.  These are little candid shots of my four year old doing what he loves: Imagining.  If only you could have heard the running commentary as he played with these toys.  These are some of the moments I will miss the most.

And must have the photos of, to help me remember.

I ended up shooting a little bit with a few different lenses.  I used my 50mm for a bit.  Then switched over to my 18-55mm kit lens.  Sure, it is a kit lens.  But I still love the shots I get with it.  And finally I slapped on my macro adapter for the lens and got up nice and close.

Upon seeing my photos, my son happily clapped his hands and exclaimed: "Oh Mom, I love it!  It's my Mario!  Mama mia!"

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  1. Okay, this is one of my FAVORITE posts!! I just love this!