Wednesday, April 25, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 25 | Something Pink

Pink.  This is a color that pretty much does not exist in my home.  I have two little boys, are very very much boy.  My home is littered with blues and greens, spaceships and race cars.  My only smidge of pink that exists here is the few shirts and pieces of jewelry I might own in that shade.

Pink doesn't exist in the world of boy.

So for today, I enlisted my friend Heidi's cute little girl.  We dolled her in pink, head to toe.  Oh my, so much pink!  It has been raining off and on, so I took her outside in rain boots and equipped with an umbrella... and we had fun!  I treated this very much like a lifestyle shoot, and let the little lady lead the shoot.  We had tons of fun jumping in puddles, running around, screaming and giggling.  I was exhausted by the end. But beaming.

Goodness.  I love my little boys.  Don't get me wrong.  But how I want a daughter...

This was a great exercise (literally...) in photographing a child.  You can't just ask them to sit and smile nice.  All that gets is either A) a forced CHEESE or more often B) anger, screaming, and pure camera avoidance.  With kids, you have to get into the shot.  You have to play around, be a fool, and literally exhaust yourself.

Boy, is it fun!
I love this entire impromptu shoot I did today.  In fact, I will be posting a full preview album for it on my Facebook page... soon.  This little lady was a perfect model in the rain puddles.  Especially in that pink.

(Again...I want a girl...)


  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!!!!!! Mela with her umbrella! You are giving me a disc with all of these you know! Glad you could help you out with your challenge today and that you had fun!

  2. The pink fairy looks so..................cute.Her ambrella with gum boot also make her wonderful.