Saturday, March 31, 2012

The 30 Day Photography Challenge

As an artist, I have found the easiest rut to fall into is simply not practicing your art.

Sure, I love doing shoots.  Sure, I snap most chance I get.  
But how often do I actually challenge and stretch myself, as an artist?

Well, recently via Pinterest (once again Pinterest, thank you!) I discovered this 30 Day Photography Challenge.  I had seen it here and there before and never thought much of it.  This time, I actually did think.  And after some thinking (and pondering, and self doubt, and self pep talks), I decided it was about time I buckle down and try it.


1.  It will be fun.
2.  It will force me to set a goal each day, and reach that goal.
3.  It will work my creativity muscles to figure out how to complete each daily challenge.
4.  It is something different.
5.  ...Have I mentioned it will be fun?

Starting tomorrow, I aim to post at least one image a day.  I will also share these photos on my Facebook page.  

April has 30 days, this challenge is 30 days along, and I am ready to go!  Let's see how this goes.

Feel like stretching yourself and discovering something new?  Join me!

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