Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Blog is Born

Hello Hello Blogging world!

After some time of deliberation, I have finally decided to create a blog specifically for my photography.  As some of you know, I keep a fairly active writing blog.  I love writing.  Understatement.  I adore it.  I have one self-published book out there, along with two other works in progress waiting editing time, and many more ideas growing.

But know what else I love?
(The answer should be easy...)

That's right.  Photography.  So why doesn't it deserve a blog of its own?  My thoughts exactly.

So here I am, starting this blog up.  I have already been revamping my photography website.  I have been cooing to my new photography gear (No lies, ask my husband.  My gear is my baby.)  I have been scheduling upcoming shoots and weddings.  And from here on out, I plan to share more of my photography journey than ever before.

Because you know... Being an active writing blogger, an independant author, a growing photographer, book reviewer, and full time stay-at-home mommy just isn't enough.  I just need something else on my platter.

I really do.  That wasn't sarcastic.  Mostly.

Ready to join me?  I have things planned.  Fun things.  What kind of things you ask?

  • Soon I will share a post about who I am.  Exciting, yes?
  • I will share some of my past favorite sessions.
  • I will share future sessions, commentary and all.
  • Maybe, just maybe, I will pass along new found knowledge.  (Okay, I will.  No maybe.)
  • There are challenges I have in store as well.  Fun ones.  The first one starts April 1st.  Stay tuned.

Are you excited?  I know I am!
And so, until next time: Have a great day, check back soon, do something fun.

And remember... Just Smile

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