Friday, April 13, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 13 | Yourself With 13 Things

Today's challenge was easy.  And hard.

Easy because I knew exactly what my 13 things would be.  I love books.  I eat, sleep, and breathe books.  Heck, I even write books!  My bedroom is literally filled to the brim with books.  I knew I wanted photos with some of my favorite reads.  My only disappointment was it was supposed to be 13 things... not hundreds of things.

I love books.

As for the hard part...
Hard because it is self-photography.  I love taking photos of other people.  But once I am placed in front of the camera, I become a huge self-conscience blob.  More often than not I will act goofy and crazy, just because it all boils down to how I hate how I look.  Yes, I do.

I am a woman.

Along with that, it is all aim and guess.  I can't get down in the grass or climb the tree to get the shot I want.

Still, I had to complete this challenge.  While my youngest slept, my oldest and I went out to the tiny back stretch of grass our apartment has. (There isn't even a playground here.  Sad right?) I threw out a blanket, set up my books, and hoped for the best.  The grass was still soggy from yesterday's freak downpour, my shoes became muddy, and the lighting was what you expect for 2pm.

Still, I feel happy with my final product.

Of course, if you ask my son, he took the photos.  He was very excited to help and stood behind the camera, watching as the self-timer clicked down then snapped photos of his mommy.  I even got told I am pretty.  (He is learning young how to compliment a woman.)

My dream someday is to have my own personal library in my home.  Floor to ceiling bookshelves, jam-packed with amazing reads.  I will most likely never leave that room.  And I will be in heaven.

Here are a few more photos of me with my obsession:

My son wanted to be in the photos too, pajamas and all.
How could I say no to the world's best assistant and fellow book fanatic?

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  1. I am in love with these pictures! And those shoes! And your shirt! And....well, you!!

    And look at the Rylend face, it so says, "I LOVE my Mommy, back off!"