Saturday, April 14, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 14 | Eyes

One thing I am needing to learn to do more is focusing on the eyes.  I have been working on making sure to work on that more lately, and once this challenge came up I knew I needed it.  Focusing on the eyes draws the viewers attention it.  It sharpens the photo and adds that dramatic oomph that every shot needs.  While I know I have been doing better on this, there is always room for improvement!

Today my family joined some close friends and headed out to enjoy the local Tulip Festival.  I have never been to one, and was very excited to see the colors.  It was gorgeous!  (I took so many photos... I will make a post just for those soon!)

My boys ran off, more interested in the toys and going crazy than enjoying the flowers.  So, amidst the macro and landscape crazed shooting, I "forced" my friend Heidi to let me use her as my challenge guinea pig.

I actually took some cute shots of her little girl as well.  What a doll, with gorgeous blue eyes.  As much as I do love the ones I got of her, I decided to go with this one of Heidi.  How could I not?  It emphasizes her gorgeous eyes.  Which are not only reflecting me, but also reflecting the colors of the tulips behind me.  Lovely.

Eyes can say so much about a person.  They should always be showcased.  Praised.  And adoringly stared into.  It is no lie that eyes are windows to the soul.

And I can tell you this:  Heidi has a gorgeous soul.

Thank you Heidi for letting me photograph you!

Here is a black and white copy of the same photo above.  I love it, and almost chose it as my main one for the day.  There is one more photo as well, just because she is beautiful.

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  1. Stop making me cry!!!!

    Love ya, babe! Thanks for the great was fun!