Sunday, April 15, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 15 | Silhouette

I am not going to lie:  I wasn't feeling the creative flow today.

I have been on a roll so far this month, biting at the bit each day to share my challenge captures.  Today... was another story.  It is rare that I don't want to pick up my camera.  So rare that the few times it does happen, I feel like I better go admit myself for a mental evaluation.  I must be crazy.

Sadly, today was one of those days.

Silhouettes are something I am still learning how to capture.  While it is easy to get them in front of a setting sun, it seems that all other places become much more of a challenge.  I love silhouette shots.  Adore them.  But I still am feeling weak when it comes to capturing the image myself.

I let my youngest climb up to sit on the window sill.  Something we never let the kiddos do.  Oh, he thought it was the most exciting thing ever.  I quickly snapped my shots, enjoyed seeing him giggle, then called it done.

Even my chosen picture for today isn't a full silhouette.  Still, I was at least happy with it.  Mostly.  And the fact that it is a shot of my adorable little boy makes it worth the grumbling I did nonstop in Lightroom.

If any of you out there have any silhouette tips and tricks, dump them on me!  I am all... eyes.

Here are two more photos from today, just because I love that little man.

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