Tuesday, April 17, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 17 | Technology

I had great plans for today's challenge.  Great, awesome plans.  But, true to how technology is, my plans hit a blue screen of "creative death" and just didn't work.  So I had to hit restart and try something else.

My hubby is a total computer nut.  He builds his own tower.  Drools over metal and plastic parts that mean nothing to me.  Spends most of his free time with his true love (aka the computer) and I honestly do not think he could live without.

Don't get me wrong.  I love technology.  Obviously.
But I cannot compete with him.

I originally aimed for some macro shots of a spare motherboard we happen to have lying around.  (Yes, we have spares like that everywhere.) While the shots were interesting, they turned out to be far from what I had envisioned.  So I scraped the idea.  Sat back... thought... had a hard drive mental failure... hit my head a few times... Then finally the photo came to me.

Out came my typewriter.  And a mouse.  And voila, there she was!  This was inspired by a photo I have hanging over my desk that I bought online.  While I love it, I always think that I could easily get a similar shot myself.  If not to show off, just for fun.  So today became the day.

And of course it called for a vintage edit.  It is a typewriter.  Duh.

After I got the shot, I decided to play around with a stack of towers we have sitting in the living room.  See?  Computer nut.  That's my husband.  Who else would have towers laying around?  He is working on digging into them and building a working computer for a friend.  When I saw them I knew I needed a shot.

Technology has come such a long way.  So long, that now we cannot live without it.  Remember when computers were solely word processors?  With floppy disks that actually flopped?  Or (okay, past my time here) when the computer was something called... a typewriter?  Remember writing with a pen?

Where will technology take us next?
I bet I could ask my hubby and he would give a good prediction...

 And, for fun... The line up of some technology evolution:

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