Wednesday, April 18, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 18 | Your Shoes

Unlike the stereotypical girl who has a closet filled to the brim with every shoe imaginable, I have never been the biggest shoe nut.  Don't get me wrong.  I love shoes.  And I do have a good selection of pretty foot coverings at my disposal.  But when it all comes down to it, I tend to op for the comfy running shoe or simple flip flop over anything else.

My friend Heidi has decided to stop at nothing else to ban my flip flops.  It's true:  They aren't the cutest shoe.  Unless you are on the beach, they tend to be far from photogenic.  So, with help from her insisting, I have actually been working on upgrading my shoe collection.

I could see this turning into a very bad habit.

For today's challenge, I decided to photograph my current flats collection.  I love flats.  Simple and comfy like flip flops, with actuall feminine flair.  (Though after doing this challenge I have realized I need more colors than just blue and black, and one floral.  Hmm...)

It was fun running up and down the stairs, positioning my shoes, snapping the shots.  I think my neighbors are starting to get used to this crazy woman who stands outside to photograph the sky directly overhead, tramples through the bushes, poses on the lawn in front of their living room windows... and now photographs shoes on the staircase.  Shame is something photographers are just not allowed.

Oh, and while on the topic of shoes, here's a tip for photographers:

  • Invest in a good pair of shoot worthy shoes.  I mean sturdy, good traction, comfy and flexible.  Running shoes tend to do best.  I have a pair of black ones that currently get slapped on my feet for every shoot.  Trust me, you need it.  I did a shoot once in flip flops, and it ended badly.  Very, very badly.  (That deserves a post of its own... ouch.)

Thank you Heidi for giving me a new addiction.  Time for a shoe run?  I think so!


  1. If that's just your flats collection, you have a heck of a lot more shoes than I do!

  2. Ha! I had NO idea I had influence like this....I must try it out on others. (Bwahahahaha) :-) I'm sooo glad I don't see those flip flops as much any more. And yes, it IS time to go shoe shopping!