Monday, April 30, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 30 | Self-Portrait

What a month.
My camera feels the love.  That's for sure!

I got myself human looking today, all ready to attempt that "self-portrait" once again.  My hair was fighting me, my makeup hated me, and my clothes... Okay, I am whining.  The point is: I was far from excited to be taking a photo of myself.

I think doing self-portraiture is a very, very good thing for a photographer to do.
It reminds you just how self-conscience and nervous a client can be!

As soon as I got my tripod set up and my camera set, my boys decided they wanted to get in on this photo taking action.  At first they were content with pretending they were taking each shot.  (I even set up a second tripod with a toy camera on it, so they could both be the photographer.  Aw...)

Then they couldn't resist and jumped in for some shots with mommy.

They have been my models off and on all month.  How great it is to wrap this challenge up with them as well?

This is my self-portrait.
I am an author.
A blogger.
A photographer.
An avid reader.
A dreamer.  A goofball.  A friend, a wife, a sister, a daughter.

But at the end of every day.  At the start of every morning.  What I do day in and day out.  What I love, could never live without, what I am... I am mommy.  And I love my self-portrait.

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