Thursday, April 19, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 19 | Something Orange

Orange has always been one of my all-time favorite colors.  In high school I painted some of the walls in my bedroom orange.  I had orange on my cell phone, orange blankets on my bed, even wore orange tops that I wore (I later found out how that color didn't look nearly as good on me as I thought.  But I still loved it.)  

There is something about the color orange that just makes me... happy.  I can't explain it.  It is warm.  Welcoming.  Yummy and rich.  To this day I still love the color orange, though I don't deck myself and all my belongings out in it nearly as much as I once did.

So why was it so hard to do my challenge today?
I literally had no idea what to do for it.

Finally I gave in to my little boy.  I handed him some orange crayons, put him in an orange top, and let him go at it.  He loves to color.  Just before these photos he was coloring all over his hands with a pen.  (Yes, I washed it all off.  It was just too distracting.)  When mommy even let him climb up to sit on the table, he got even more excited.  We never let him sit on the table, so this was a treat.

His favorite coloring game?
I draw bubbles, and he races to "pop" them (aka color them in.)  That is what we are doing in my main shot I chose for today.  Popping orange bubbles.

Let me tell you though, this was a challenge today.  Orange reflects.  On everything.  What with the morning sun, the light wood table, the orange crayons, orange shirt, overhead lighting... Coloring was a headache with these.  I finally threw my hands up and just let them be.  Let them have an orange overtone, it is all something orange today.  I am sure there was an easy trick to avoid or correct this headache.  But honestly. I am tired today and could barely think straight.

So, orange it is.
Still, isn't he just too cute?

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