Monday, April 2, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 2 | What I Wore Today

Honesty time:  I spend most days in pajama pants, baggy t-shirts, and messy hair.  I am a stay at home mom.  And that is the standard uniform.

Lucky for me, I knew some people would be stopping by today.  So I actually had something a little nicer to photograph for my 30 Day Photography Challenge Day 2.  Thank goodness.

Here was my predicament for today:
I never photograph just clothing.

I know I need more practice, being as I have some gorgeous weddings coming up this summer.  So this was a great challenge for me.  I would have loved to hang my clothes off a tree branch or pinned to a drying line.  How awesome would that have looked?

I live in an apartment though.  Which lacks in even having a playground.  I tried shots of hanging the clothing from my back porch, but the lighting there is just "meh" and wasn't working for me.  Not to mention I wanted to use my 50mm again, but on the porch I was way too close to my subject.  So, the clothes ended up being sprawled on the ground.  Which worked.

The morning light was coming in the window and gave me a nice warmth to the photo.  While it wasn't the shot I had imagined for this day, I am still happy with the final product.

Clothing info:
  • Just simple jeans.
  • My favorite belt that I wear with most every pair of jeans I own.  Can you tell why I love it?
  • My Sevenly shirt.  I love this shirt.  Its so comfy.  And the fact that I know a portion of what I paid for it went to something great makes it even better.  If you haven't heard of Sevenly, check it out.

Here is one more shot, just so you can see more of the shirt.  This was from when I was taking it outside.  It is a much softer look, which I do like.  I just wish I had had more space so I could have used my 50mm lens instead of my 18-55mm.  (Oh man, I cannot wait to get my 24-70mm!)

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