Saturday, April 28, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 28 | Flowers

Flowers are pretty enough to photograph any day.  Especially now that it is spring and everything is blooming into life.

Today I was given the chance to photograph a very gorgeous young lady.  The last time I photographed her was almost two years ago, back for her senior photos.  In that time, I have been given the chance to literally watch this young girl bloom into the remarkable woman she is today.  She is absolutely stunning inside and out. How lucky am I to be given a chance to capture that true beauty?

While on her shoot, I of course had to use her for my flower challenge.  We ended the shoot with her laying in the field, the sun bright and flowers in her hair.  Absolutely beautiful.

This is something I love about photography.
When you are given the chance to photograph return clients.

You can see how they have grown.  Changed.  Blossomed into a stunning flower that you now have the chance to pluck for that moment of time and remember in a photograph.  Each moment is special.  Each smile, tear, sigh is precious.  Each year is a new leaf turned.

I cannot wait to see how this flower blossoms next spring.

Thank you Makenzie for letting me capture your beauty once again!

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