Wednesday, April 4, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 4 | Something Green

My first thought for today's challenge was grass.  Something green.  Nice and easy.  The rain had stopped (finally) and I was sure I could get some decent bright green shots of those dripping blades.  So I grabbed my camera.  When I turned around though, my mind changed.

There, cuddled on the couch, was my little boy.  My youngest was napping, meaning my oldest was enjoying his Nintendo DS time, along with the new learning games we had just given him for his birthday.  He was snuggled up in his green blankie.  

And my heart melted.

My son has had this green blankie his entire life.  His Grandma made it for him and gave it to him when he was just a little newborn.  And from the get-go, this was his blankie.  It is his love (aside from Meow, the build-a-bear cat.)  This blankie goes everywhere with him.  He cuddles in it for quiet time.  Goes to it for comfort when sick.  Has picnics on it.  Makes tents out of it and even talks to it.

So when I saw my little four year old snuggled in his green blankie, I knew where my shot for today would be.

I couldn't wimp out and get the simple, easy shot of grass.  I had to get this moment that would mean something to me for years to come.  Isn't that what photography is about?  Preserving memories?

Photos mean more when they mean something to you.  And these mean the world to me.  

Someday, these photos will mean something to him as well.

Thank goodness for little boys.  Little toes.  And thank goodness for green blankies.

A few more shots, because I couldn't resist.

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