Thursday, April 5, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 5 | From a High Angle

Lucky for me, this evening we already had planned to spend time with the family.  My hubby's parents have a great house, with a stair case that I knew would give me the chance I needed to get a shot from a high angle.  Yes, I was excited.

At first I started with snapping photos of all the kids as they played.  I got some super cute ones of the cousins all cuddled together, playing on the Nintendo DS.  Of each kid taking turns looking up at me from the ground floor and making faces.  Of unsuspecting in-laws.

Then my youngest caught my attention.  And my heart.  As always.

One of his favorite things to do at Grandma's is go up and down those stairs.  My little stair climber.  I started snapping some shots of him.  Then I looked at what I had taken... and realized that I had caught a moment that would mean something to me.  I never take photos of him on the stairs.  Something he loves, and I am usually in the other room.

Not now.

The main shot I chose for this challenge touches my heart more than I can say.  Just before I took it, he reached out and held my hand, then softly said "mama" like it was the most loving thing anyone could ever say.  I am so happy I captured that moment.

Sometimes photography isn't about setting up the world's most amazing shot.  It isn't about perfect exposure, perfect poses, perfect framing and technique.  Sometimes... most times... it is about getting into that moment and burning it into an image that will last long after the memory is gone.

That is why I chose this shot for my high angle challenge today.  I am holding my heart in that photo.

Here are a few others...

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