Friday, April 6, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 6 | From a Low Angle

Once again today, we found ourselves up at Grandma's house.  This time: For egg dying.  Easter is just a few days away, and the eggs were begging to be colored and prepped for the Easter bunny to hide.

Before we could dye though, we had to have lunch.  And since I knew I would be more preoccupied with keeping dyes from spilling than photographing once the festivities began, I decided to snap some photos of my boys as they ate their sandwiches.

My mother-in-law's dining room table is right next to a window, which happened to have some awesome overcast light shining in through it today.  Yay for light!

And my boys were too cute.  As always.

The shot I chose actually ended up being one of the last ones I took.  My youngest finally had had enough of his food and decided to climb across the table to get to mommy.  He loves being on the table, and loved it even more when I let him stay so I could snag the shot.

Have you ever noticed that the chosen shot almost always ends up being one of the first, or the last that you take?

Something else I have noticed:  I need to stop using my children as my models.  I am taking way to many photos, because I just love every thing they do.  As a mommy, that is just fine.  As a photographer... I need to learn to scale down how much my finger hits that trigger.  I am working on it!

Here are a few more low angle shots, of my little men:

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