Saturday, April 7, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 7 | Fruit

Today's challenge was simple: Fruit.  
While I could have just grabbed the lemon and orange we have here at home and snapped an easy photo, I decided to do something a bit different.  So while the kiddos were having snack with Daddy, I hopped over to the nearby grocery store.  Camera in hand.

This was quite an experience.  Not so much the fact that I was photographing fruit.  Honestly, there really isn't anything exciting about that.  But plopping myself right in the middle of strangers while still focusing on my job at hand... That was the challenge.

Not to mention the store was doing their crazy Easter egg parking lot hunt, so the place was swarming.

At first I tried to be inconspicuous.  Hiding my camera between shots.  Pretending to sift through the fruit yet never bagging anything to buy.  Avoiding eye contact.  Avoiding lots of eye contact. 

Come on, I was that strange woman with a camera taking photos... of fruit.

Then I realized: This is my passion, and I am darn proud of it.  Why am I hiding between the stacks of bananas and pineapples acting like my gorgeous camera doesn't exist?

Sure, I got some weird looks.  Some interesting comments...  
"Look... a photographer!" and "Are you a photographer?" (As I am crouching in front of a pineapple with my face pressed into my, no I am not...)

But I realized that I really don't care.  I was there for a reason.  A reason I love.  And that is nothing to ever be embarrassed about, or hidden.  So I snapped away, proud of my orange and apple shots.

Of course, the photo I chose isn't of actual fruit.  I had to choose it though.  That right there is my humor for you... and hey, it's fruit!  The label says so. *wink*

Here are some more photos... of actual fruit:

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  1. Awesome! Now I want an apple and a banana now. So thank you. :-)