Sunday, April 8, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 8 | A Bad Habit

Now honestly, why on Earth would you want to photograph a bad habit?  Just thinking about what bad habit I wanted to show the internet world got me nervous.  We all like to pretend we are perfect, that nothing bothers us and we have everything under control.

Who wants to know that my laundry is never done?  Or that I eat more chocolate than a trick or treating champion?

Sticking to my guns about never taking the easy way out with this challenge, I decided to photograph my true bad habit.  This is a hard thing to share.  I tend to hide my fingers.  I do not like what my habit does to them, and never let them show.  Especially in photographs.

I have the bad habit of cuticle picking.  When I get nervous, upset, anxious... it gets worse.  My poor fingers get the brunt of my sub-conscience worries.  I have tried many times to let them be.  And sometimes it works.  Then life gets a hold of me and boom... there goes the picking once again.

After taking these photos and being forced to look at my fingers as I edited, I realized how much I want this bad habit to stop.  It is far from photo worthy.  It hurts.  And it is just plain annoying.  I didn't learn much photography-wise with this challenge (used my 50mm arms length away with a nice wide f-stop to get a pretty blur...)  But I did, for a fact, learn that this is a bad habit I need to put an end to.

The proof is in the photo.

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