Monday, April 9, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge: Day 9 | Someone You Love

Today's challenge was "Someone You Love."
At first I thought of photographing my little boys, yet again.  Then, when I thought about it, I realized how much I wanted a new, good shot of my honey.  We keep talking about doing a photo shoot of just him, but have yet to actually do it.

Sadly, he got home once the sun had set.  We weren't able to go outside for some shots like I had hoped.  So, we had to get creative.  I move the high chair out of the kitchen, then had him sit on the ground.  Our apartment severely lacks good lighting.  The kitchen was one of the only places that would even remotely work.  Though the lighting is florescent... so I went black and white.  Which I love anyway.

Then I snapped away.

Not like I needed an excuse to stare at my husband.
He is just so handsome.
And funny.
And crazy.

Yes, I love him.  I have been so blessed to have him in my life.  I could never imagine myself without him, and now I have a few new photos to show off who he is.  Someday we will get to do the actual shoot of him I would love to do.  Until then, these kitchen floor shots make me smile every time I look at them.

Here are a few others, just to show him off:

This last one is an old joke between us.  When we were first dating, we took a "many faces of Shane" series, just goofing around.  It was about time to reenact that!

I love you, Chip!  Always.  Sweet Nothings!

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  1. Wow, he has crazy faces!!!

    Great photos....good job on the B&W!